Simple Ways To Help Reduce Plastic Waste In The Office


Put Recycling Containers Throughout The Facility

Though it would have been much better if establishments would ban plastic bottles/utensils/food containers, we have to accept that that’s still difficult to implement and that many products are still necessary, but don’t take my word for it, visit Simply Plastics. For that, the next best thing is to recycle and an effective way to practice that is to display recycling bins throughout the building where it can be seen easily. People are less likely to just toss and mix their trash if recycling bins are more accessible.

Place Water Dispensers

The majority of plastic waste in an office are single-use beverage bottles. If you want to eliminate or lessen it at least, then provide water dispensers within the office. So that, instead of heading to the cafeteria for something to drink, employees would rather get water from the dispenser since it’s nearer to them and free.

Give All Employees A Refillable Bottle

Since you’re installing water dispensers already, why not give your employees a refillable bottle too? This way, they’ll be more inclined to use it to fulfill their everyday hydration needs and they won’t feel the need to buy bottled water or even use plastic cups because they already have something that they can use for that.

Brown Bag It

Office workers either eat out or order in whether it’s for lunch or snack. The problem with that is the containers that come with those foods are often plastic. So as an employee who wants to commit to this movement, do your part by packing your own food. By doing this, you get to cut back on plastic waste, you get to save money since eating out or ordering costs more than bringing your own meal, and you’d be eating healthier food because you get to decide what to cook and how to cook than just settle with the available menu.

Give Incentives

Another great way to encourage employees to participate in this kind of change is to give them rewards. You know how people are more eager to follow suit if they know that they’d get something out of a good deed. Even as simple as a movie pass, store coupon, or gift card will be enough motivation for them.



A Guide to Office Plants

cover_photoA happy employee is usually more productive in the office. One of the major ways of making the office a more pleasant place for employees and everybody to be in is by the use of office plants. Office plants can greatly improve the appearance of the office and create a good atmosphere for working. There are quite a number of office plants that you can choose from depending on your office needs and space.

What are the tips to help you find the perfect plants?

1.Access your office

First and foremost, you need to do a survey of your building and decide where the plants will have greatest influence. Keep in mind that some plants need more light while others just low light. Determine how much space will be designated for the plants.

2.Determine how much you can devote to its care

All plants require maintenance. Sometimes it’s very hard to find time for the plants, therefore, You can choose plants that won’t die when the office lights stay constant and are adapted to the office ecosystem.

3.Determine the purpose of your plants

Certain plants can do things better than others. Whether you want to remove impurities from the air or just brighten your office, look for plants that are known to do so.

4.Determine your budget

Determine how much you plan to use on purchasing the plants and the cost of maintaining them. Some plants can be more expensive than others and some even need experts for checkups and spruce-ups.

5.Research on office plants

Now that you have have that in mind, you can go to the internet or visit a local garden store to find plants that will fit your office needs.

Here are some of the best office plants:

African violet

It is also known as the saintpaulia. It’s a flowering plant that takes up very little space. However, it requires a bit more maintenance.

English ivy

Also known as the Hedera helix, it is a clinging evergreen vine that can really filter out formaldehyde. It is ideal for removing airborne particles in the office.

Snake plant

Also known as the Sansevieria trifasciata, it is a healthy plant that is very attractive to the eye. It’s shooting dark green leaves with a bright yellow-green on the outside and grows quite tall.

Peace lily

This plant is known for removing impurities from the air. It can also tolerate very low light and work well for focal interest and screening. The plant grows very fast dynamically.


This plant also adapts well to very low light and bright light. It is easy to take care of and has heart-shaped, white leaves that can add to the appearance of the office.


This plant is very excellent in adding height to very small areas. They are easy to grow and can even survive neglect.

Now that you have the plant that you need, you can buy it from your local garden store or farmers. Remember to place your plant with its base stable and somewhere that will be very convenience for watering.…

3 Best Electric Gates For Businesses With Small Space

gateimage1-1366x400Having a small space might raise questions on an organisation’s security management. Because no one would like to enter a place with no proper security measurements right at the entrance.

Covering your entrance with a powerful gate not only keeps you and your staff safe but also develops trust in your customers as well. It can make your image as a reputable business that strives to protect not only workers but also customers from any possible casuality.

But finding the right type of electric gate for a premises with small entrance area might appear an impossible riddle to crack. So here are few suggestions with the help of Essex Auto Gates that may help you choose the right electric gate that you can install at the main entrance to safeguard your staff from unfavourable incidents.

Barrier Arm Gate:

To prevent vehicles and people rushing into your work premises without any permissions, you may use barrier arm gate that is specifically designed to serve this purpose. Basically, this type of electric gate consists of a long rod that helps you stop people for verification at the entrance of the building or driveway.

It’s open from one end and fixed with the pillar or wall. Barrier arm gate opens up vertically and close the path by moving downwards to stop people till you let them in. This type of electric gate is best to use for premises dealing with vehicles only. As it is just a rod so it can only stop motorcycles or cars till you verify the person trying to get in. Pedestrians can easily surpass the gate.

Bi-Folding Gate:

Another best option to go with is bi-folding gate that doesn’t require much space either to open or close the path. Basically, this type of electric gate consists of panels on each side and works on a simple rule. When the gate opens up, the panels (hooked with each other) wrap up inward and upon closing the gate split away in former shape again.

This type of electric gate doesn’t require much space to open or close as it doesn’t open on 90 degree angles as compared to swinging gates. Work premises with small entrance areas can make best use of this gate with surveillance cameras and intercom tools to keep unwanted people away the building.

Vertical Lift Gate:

The most common problem of installing a swinging gate is that it takes more space for opening and closing back. To eradicate this issue, you may go with vertical lift gate that doesn’t occupy a specific area to close down or open up again. It is basically supported by two pillars on each side and moves upward when you need to open the path for someone to get inside.

As it functions vertically, so you can utilise the space around it that might have been occupied if you use another type of gate at the entrance. It also doesn’t require as much maintenance as a rolling or swinging gate needs in odd weather conditions to keep the wheels up and running underneath.…

Standard, Prepay or Smart Meter? Choosing Between Electric Meters As A Small Business Owner

images When we talk about household affairs, electricity bills are one hot topic that everyone looks discussing every now and then. Getting overcharged for electricity usage is one nightmare that every homeowner is seem to have. A nice solution to get rid of this problem is to install an electric meter that suits your usage and needs. But the problem of lack of knowledge hinders in choosing between the right meter type. So here is your guide to know about few meter types that you may choose to install in your house.

Standard/kWh Meters:

Standard or kWh meters from JSG are one of the most widely used electric meters in most households. You’ll see a standard meter in every house usually installed for electricity measurements. Standard meter are also known as electromechanical induction meters in technical language of electrical industry. They record the consumption of your electricity usage in terms of kilowatt. This is why they are also called kWh meters that stands for kilowatt per hour.

Regardless of their design, they are packed in a box type case that covers the internal functionality in it. One may see a digital screen displaying digital reading on it at the front of standard meters. You may take down meter readings simply by reading through left to right side of the screen. Make sure you only note digits in black color and avoid any red colored digits as they are not part of reading. This type of meter is common in use in most households all across the country.

Prepay/Prepayment Meters:

Another type of electric meters is prepay meters that are also known as prepayment meters or ‘pay-as-you-go’ meters. Basically they work differently as compared to standard meters described above. You may use token or top up method to recharge your prepay meters. This way, you only pay as much as you want to consume your electricity in your household. This type of meter is ideal for those people who are facing unpaid bills problems and encouraged by many electricity suppliers.

Electric suppliers have different options for you to pay for your prepay meters. For instance, you may purchase top up tokens that come in different prices and affordable to use. This way, you won’t have to face any big amount of postpaid bill at the end of the month and secondly, the supplier doesn’t have to spend on bill collection each month.

Prepay meters have the same method of meter reading as standard meters have. You simply note down the reading through the screen having digital values on front side of the meter.

Smart Meters:

Smart meters are same like above mentioned meters but they work a little different in terms of meter reading and bill generation process. Basically, they don’t require any manual reading process and this is why they are liked by many people because of this advanced feature in them.The supplier collects your electricity consumption automatically and you can keep track of it through online portals given by your electric supplier.…

Pamper Party: Signs You Should Consider A Career Break From Work

Sleeping on the JobYou’re Chronically Tired

When you need coffee throughout the day to give you an energy boost, dread Mondays, becomes difficult to get out of bed every morning, and you have a year old cough or cold that never seems to go away, you seriously need a break. Your body is giving you signs that it wants you to rest. It could be a weeklong one or even a day of pampering  with Glo Pamper will do. Sometimes a day of massage, facial, mani & pedicures is all it takes to bounce back from those sluggish days.

You’re Not As Productive As You Usually Are Anymore

You were known for being a go-getter and the miss productivity of the office. But lately you find yourself having a hard time meeting the deadlines, you have to force ideas out of you, or you produce low-quality work. When these things are starting to happen to you, it just means you have pushed yourself to its limit and time to take a breather.

When You’re Starting To Think About A Career Change

When you first entered your job, you were so happy because you got your dream job. However, you now find yourself wanting to quit. If you’re wondering about trying out other fields, don’t file that resignation letter just yet, you’re probably just experiencing fatigue not a change of heart. Try calling in sick for a day to really think it through, or use that day to treat yourself a pamper party. When the body is well rested, we tend to think clearer and make better decisions.

The Only Thing That Gets You Through The Days Is Your Paycheck

If you’re dragging everyday just to reach payday, that could be a clear sign you’re in desperate need of time off from work. Money alone won’t make you feel happy and energetic enough to continue working.


When To Use Leaflet Distribution For Your Business

l1Leaflet distribution is a great marketing strategy for both small and large companies. It costs lesser than television, newspaper and magazine ads. Since it is distributed directly to potential customers, it is much more efficient than other forms of marketing campaigns. However, it is not efficient to simply use leaflet distribution each time your company wanted to run a marketing campaign.

  1. Clear target area – Since leaflet distribution is a selective campaign which leaflets are given to directly to potential customers, it is important to have an important target area or else the campaign will not be effective.
  2. Visuals give more impact – When you are using photos and images in a marketing campaign, it is very expensive if you choose newspapers or magazines. Essex leaflet distributions provides the perfect platform to run a visual marketing campaign.
  3. Coupons – Coupons are given to provide incentives or discounts to customers. If you will use a magazine to distribute coupons, it’s like paying to distribute freebies which is not good for business. Leaflet distribution campaigns are inexpensive which is perfect for distributing coupons.
  4. Short period promotions – If you want to run promotions for a limited period, it is better to inform potential customers directly with a leaflet than other types of marketing strategies. One day or week promotions is a great way to generate a buzz for the company. Leaflet is also a great material for potential customers to inform other people about the promotion without giving the wrong information since they carry a copy with them.
  5. Infographics – Infographics is a great way of providing facts and information in an interesting way. If you have a great infographics design, use a leaflet to increase its impact. Leaflets can be fold different ways which could fit the infographics design you have.
  6. Limited funding – Most of the time, small businesses have limited funding to run a marketing campaign. Leaflet distribution is the perfect strategy since it is a low cost and high return marketing campaign.
  7. Local business operation – More local businesses, it is much more efficient to use leaflet distribution as it is still less expensive than using radio or television stations to advertise for the company.
  8. Spare company personnel – During the distribution stage, leaflet distribution campaign requires some personnel to distribute the leaflets to potential customers. If the company has some personnel to spare, this marketing campaign is ideal to promote the business.

Now you know when it is ideal to use leaflet distribution to run a marketing campaign and promote your business effectively.…

Business Event Mistakes That Can Cost You


For an event to go smoothly and become a success, mistakes cannot be tolerated. A single mistake can be the difference of disappointing or successful result. The risk is greatly increased when it comes to once in a lifetime events, events for distinguished or wealthy hosts and corporate events to secure investors for the company. Due to this reason, large events often require event management companies to handle everything. DFA Productions know the impact of any mistake to the success of the event thus they operate caregully to avoid even a single mistake. Here are the costly event planning mistakes which DFA Productions reccomend you avoid.

  1. No weather check – Events are often held at locations which require participants to travel. Even local events or events inside a hotel still need the participants to travel to the venue. For this reason, weather conditions a week before the event and up to the time the participants will  be travelling back from the venue should be monitored. The importance of monitoring the weather increases for outdoor events. DFA Productions does not only check weather predictions, but they constantly monitor the weather throughout the event and adjust the activities or venue location in case there are changes in the weather which make it inconvenient to do the planned activity at the designated venue any day throughout the event.
  2. Limited parking space – Large events especially corporate events or events with wealthy participants mean that most if not all participants will be bringing their own car. A limited parking space is a costly mistake which does not only trouble participants to fight for the parking space, but also put their cars at risk if they have no choice but to park outside the venue’s parking area.
  3. No directional signs for the venue – Event organisers would provide maps and the address of the event venue to the participants. However, most of the guests will not be familiar with the venue location especially for out of town events. Aside from maps or the address, DFA Productions make sure that directional signs are setup to most if not all entrance road up to the site of the event to ensure that all guests will arrive at the venue without any difficulty.
  4. Dirty bathroom – Participants will have to use the bathroom at any time of the event. The cleanliness of the bathroom is just as important as its space and size of the venue itself. It will impact the mood of the participants and their whole experience of the event. DFA Productions does not consider any venue with limited and dirty bathrooms.
  5. Capacity limit – Since events will have multiple guests which could reach hundreds, some event organisers will choose venue solely on the budget thus making the venue crowded. Even with limited budget, DFA Productions will always look for a suitable venue which can accommodate more than the expected number of participants comfortably.

If your current event management company failed to avoid any of the event planning mistakes above, do not hesitate to contact DFA Productions to avoid such hassle in your future events. They will be a guaranteed success.


Using A Professional Sign To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Creative-warning-sign-design-9-20You’ve done it. You’ve finally got your start-up business into a professional position. You have a regular customer base and a professional-esque office to operate out of. You may have followed all of the first steps but there are still a lot more ways in which you can help to make your business more professional and help to gain a lot more customer revenue. One way in particular is to invest in a professional sign for your business.

You have all the basic first steps for creating a professional sign for your business, after all the standard design for a business sign includes the company name and it’s logo. Of course designing and creating a sign isn’t something you can just do yourself. You need to invest in a professional company who are experts in making others’ businesses look good.

Firstly when discussing what you want for your sign with the company you first have to consider the design. The design of your sign is extremely important after all it will be the first thing your customer sees. The basic colour scheme of a sign should include your company colours in order to continue the branding of your company.

Once you have the design of your company sign figured out you next have to consider the materials that you want to use. With some professional sign design companies they actually ask you to provide the materials yourself. In this case I can personally suggest the use of acrylic rod uk. Not only is it more economical than most other materials but it has great light transmission with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Once your sign is finished you can guarantee that your company will receive more business on account of appearing more professional, and there you have it the final step to becoming a legitimate business.…

The Benefits Of Having A Living Plant In The Office

There are certain environments which people cannot escape, the office being one of them. Busy workers will spend the majority of their time slaving away at a desk to make themselves a living. What most workers do not realise is that their mood can change in relation to the environment that they spend the most time in. As a businessman you will understand that a positive working environment goes a long way to creating productivity in the office. Installing living plants within your office can have many benefits that will be listed below:

Make the air cleaner

Living plants act as a natural oxygen filter within the office and so can contribute to cleaning the air. This can benefit your business, as with cleaner air your employees are likely to be healthier and more inclined to work sun

Reduce Stress

It is hard to get work done when you are stressed let alone attempting to work in a stressful environment. Many studies show that living plants can help to reduce stress which let’s face it in an office is extremely important.Crossing out stress and writing relax on a blackboard.

Improve Staff Moral

Working as a team is very important in an office and even a business as a whole. The natural flow of living plants helps to create a pleasant environment which in tow will help to boost staff moral and productivity and save you money.Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.25.31

Absorb Noise

One of the lesser know benefits of plants is that they have noise absorption properties. Plants with thick rough bark or fleshy leaves are great at absorbing sound and the greater the number of plants the more sound that will be absorbed.image_6

Boost Productivity

As a business owner something you hope for in your employees is productivity. After all greater productivity means more revenue for you. Having a living plant within your office helps to boost productivity by creating a positive atmosphere.productivity-hacks


Telltale Signs You Need To Take A Day Off From Work

stressed_woman_at_work_paperworkEven The Smallest Things Tick You Off

You are naturally a calm person, but lately, not just your family and co-workers but even your boss, is starting to notice that you get irritated even at the tiniest things. You seem to be in a bad mood every day and you just can’t shake it off. If this feels familiar, then consider taking a rest.

Things Slip Off Your Mind More Often, Even Important Appointments

You are known to keep track of your appointments, meet deadlines and other important things that you need to attend to no matter how busy you are. But if you start forgetting things no matter how you schedule them and even when you have people reminding you. That could be because you’re under a lot of stress and you need to just take a breather.

You Keep Making Mistakes You Usually Don’t

When we get tired out, we tend to make blunders without meaning to. If you start spotting typos in your reports all the time, wearing mismatched socks, putting hot sauce in your burger when you have low tolerance to spicy food, or any mistakes you don’t usually make, time to try that pamper party all your friends are  raving about.

You Seem To Have No Energy All The Time

You sleep 8 hours every day and yet you feel like a sloth. You even keep on dosing off at your desk and you can’t seem to contain your yawn. Feeling sluggish all the time is your body’s way of telling you that you’re dead tired and that you absolutely need some rest.

Keeping Your Attention To One Task Is Becoming Difficult

Social media isn’t the only reason behind being easily distracted, it could also mean you’re overworked and that work has been occupying not just your time but also your mind. Time to take at least a day off and really relax, no checking your emails, just take some time to be pampered. Take some time to figure out some pamper party ideas from Glo Pamper with your closest friends or co-worker. It can be a great way to have fun and rest at the same time.


Things You Need At Your Next Business Events

Business Events are a great way to both impress existing clients and attract new ones. But what exactly is a business event. It is usually a gathering where potential clients or existing clients are invited and the company talks about the services they offer and to give an update. It is also a way to share business ideas and mingle with other influential businessmen in your field. If you are considering holding a business event then here is the perfect recipe:


At every business event there should always be a speaker. The guests of the event don’t just come to mingle and be entertained but to also learn. After all whether a client or competitor we all crave knowledge and to better ourselves.hqdefault

Food And Drink

Thought most attendants of the event are there voluntarily for some staff members it may be compulsory. By providing free food and drink those that are there voluntarily will feel special and enjoy the experience more and those who are there forceably at least get some


Some business events tend to drag on so to lighten the load hire a form of entertainment to keep everyone busy. hwnewdri8z9srtui_580


Its extremely difficult to decorate a business event, you can’t choose flowers or even ribbons which are pretty much traditional. One thing you can decorate with is lighting! Production lighting can make any dull room interesting and it’s the perfect way to keep your guests entertained. Hire a reputable lighting copany like DPL and your event will be a hit.Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 16.49.56


Its important to demonstrate to your staff that you’re organised. Having a well functioning and well organised event will show that just as you are capable of holding a business event you are capable of handling them as a


Important Office Cleaning Supplies

cleaning-officesWhen it comes to office cleaning, a cleaning agency needs supplies in order to complete their job properly. There are plenty of office cleaning supplies which can clean specific areas or surfaces. Some will be used for daily cleaning while other supplies are needed occasionally. These office cleaning supplies do not only keep your office clean but it also prevents any bacteria buildup on different surfaces. And here are the different important office cleaning supplies you will need, however if you visit this website  cleaning products are a part of the package.

  1. All-purpose disinfectant – Hands are the best way for germs to travel around the office. This office cleaning supply is perfect to remove any germs within the office on areas which hands could come in contact with. There are disinfectants which not only clean and kill germs, but also remove bad odors.
  2. Sterile wipes – Equipment which use electricity can become a hazard if charged with static electricity. Normal wiping rags will often create static electricity thus it is not recommended to clean computers and other electrical equipment. Sterile wipes which are anti-static should be used.
  3. Bleach – Bleach and other antibacterial cleaner works perfectly for surfaces which often come in contact with food. It will kill any pathogens making your food safe to eat.
  4. Erasing pads – There are surfaces where fingerprints are left visible and somewhat disturbing. Erasing pads can effectively clean and remove scuff marks, dirt and especially fingerprints.
  5. Toilet cleaner – Toilet can be disgusting if not cleaned properly. It requires different toilet cleaners from scrubs and detergents in order to keep the toilet clean and sanitized.
  6. Carpet cleaning supplies – Carpet is one of the most challenging materials or surfaces to clean. It requires a vacuum cleaner and a detergent which will not leave any stain while also serving as a deodorizer. Some of the important carpet cleaning supplies are stain, spot and gum removal. You will also need dry foam carpet cleaner as well as spray fabric protector to make the carpet last longer while maintaining a great appearance.
  7. Mops, brooms & dusters – These three office cleaning supplies are very important in every office. Mops are perfect for cleaning large areas like the floor. There are also mops which can clean hard to reach spaces. Brooms are important to remove trash, dust and cobwebs. There are many types of brooms which work best on different surfaces. Dusters used for computers should be anti-static to avoid incidents.

Even if you hire an office cleaning agency, it is still better to have the important office cleaning supplies on standby.…